Music Together® in Schools

IN SCHOOL CLASSES - toddlers to kindergarten


As part of the Music Together® curriculum, Music Together specialists teach weekly music and movement classes in early learning settings in cooperation with classroom teachers. Classroom teachers then follow through on the weekly sessions, adapting activities to their curriculum needs and interests. Recordings, songbooks, and teaching materials are provided to each classroom and family. Children “bring the music home” for parent-child music play, sharing the songs and activities learned in school.

Music Learning Supports All Learning™- we'd be happy to come and meet with you to explain more!  

But for starters here is a video explaining more about how Music Together can make an impact in school.  

If you are a preschool, nursery or childcare centre interested in finding out more about the In-school classes we offer please contact us to arrange a free demo class in your school!

TipToe Music is proud to work in partnership with Crescent Nursery School.


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